Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inside Jokes

Apparently I'm becoming more and more lazy...or at least my procrastination has gotten worse...or time must move faster. I think it's actually the last. We got on the other day and I couldn't believe it had already been two months since I posted last. The girls look completely different now than they did even then. I'll give the update on what they're up to and then just let you browse pics and the best video ever uploaded to the internet in the history of the internet. I'd love to know what the joke is that they find so funny. I have a feeling that it would make me appreciate life so much more. I suppose just watching them entertain each other like this is about as much joy as I can handle right now though. I wonder how similar God feels when his children are enjoying each others' company and delighting in each other. (I think the biblical word is fellowship, but I hesitate to use that word for fear potluck meals will be the only mental image that is conjured up.)

Here's what they are up to:

  • Can't stop rolling over
  • Can't wait for the next bite of apples and pears...not so much for the rice and oatmeal
  • Sitting up like pros. Considerably better even in the last couple of days.
  • Reaching for us to be picked up (I feel like I'm doing a good job of not getting wrapped around their fingers...if you believe that, you don't pick up on sarcasm well.)
  • carrying on conversations with each other...just not in anything we can interpret yet.
  • Getting very, very expensive shots to prevent RSV each month...we are very, very thankful for insurance.

9 months check up is on Monday so I'll try to report weights and all that boring stuff next week. Here's the fun stuff:)


I'm not sure the antler to body proportion is exactly right.
Sophie going for Santa (Papa should be happy:)