Friday, August 13, 2010


It's almost ridiculous how hard adults will work to get smiles out of babies. If someone hasn't recorded you trying to make a baby smile at some point, then you may think you look cool, but let me assure don't. Maybe you're the exception to the rule, but I doubt it. I've wondered several times who was actually being entertained- the baby or the full-grown mature adult that is making a fool of themselves and not even realizing it. I have a theory that if we could read babies' minds we would hear something like this: "I can't believe how long this guy has been making that face. He looks ridiculous. I'm gonna see how long he'll act like that....Wow this guy really is pathetic. Now he's getting on my nerves so I think I'll cry. Wow he really doesn't get it. Now he's making even dumber faces. I'm gonna have to scream."

One of my favorite things to do now is wake the girls up in the morning. They are usually stirring a little sooner than us but still dozing when we come in. A few tickles on the feet and high-pitched, very un-manly "good mornings" and they are all smiles and ready to least until they get hungry.
We started therapy this week finally with Tennessee Early Intervention. It's a state program that is a pre-cursor to the CDC but is intended to work with babies to prevent some developmental delays and give them a head start if they are going to have any. We are really excited to say that the therapist said today (unofficially) she doesn't see any signs of CP or anything else for that matter. That's not a guarantee. Nobody is even allowed to diagnose stuff until 18 months because apparently that is the magic age where you can really tell what's going on developmentally. However, we were told yesterday that she can usually see some signs of the babies that are going to have issues and our girls don't seem to have any so far. Praise God.

Here's what they are doing these days:
Rolling over, scooting (barely), smiling a lot, mimicking the raspberry sound a little (trying hard to get video but no luck so far), sleeping more at night, staying awake more during the day, crying when they're hungry, crying when they're tired, crying when their tummies hurt, and crying when I make to many faces or to few. Mattie is a girl of extremes. She's really quick to smile and play but pretty quick to erupt as well. Sophie is the contemplative one. She likes to smile and scream too but will think about it a little longer before deciding it's worth doing.

Isn't it incredible to think that as foolish as we allow ourselves to look just to make a baby smile, God does it infinitely more to give us reason to smile. He humiliated Himself in front of everyone while his children were thinking, "what in the world is this guy thinking" just to give us everlasting joy. I thank God for my babies and I thank God that I am His.
"I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete."
- Jesus
John 15:11


  1. Enjoyed the updates! So glad everything is going so well. The girls are beautiful!

    Patti Foster

  2. It's so good to hear your girls are doing well!! They are as cute as can be!! :)

    Jill Bowen

  3. Could I get you to e-mail me your address? My mom has some things made for the girls and wants to get them mailed out. Thanks!

    Ellen Moses

  4. The girls are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad to hear that everything is going well. You and Amber will be perfect parents. Love, Carol Overton

  5. Josh, hasn't anyone told you not to wake up sleeping babies in the morning :-)

    Thanks for the updates and beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls!

    Rosemary Hilliard

  6. Dear family,
    I'm so glad to hear and see that the girls are progressing. I worked with TEIS for 4 years. This is a great program!
    God is so good!! He will continue to answer our prayers for the girls.
    Kiss them for me. I will be looking for more reports!
    We miss you in Savannah and hope to see you and the babies one day!
    Love always,
    Diann Wilkins