Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been trying for weeks to catch this on camera. This doesn't do it justice but you get the idea. Mattie is almost always the one who instigates the game. This time she went back and forth around Sophie and around the whole living room shrieking at the top of her lungs and seeing if she could get Sophie to chase her before Sophie finally caved and joined in on the fun. The video is a little long, but I wanted you to see some of the games being played at our house. Be sure to check the next post too since I'm posting two at a time. Didn't want you to miss the very serious conversation the girls had after lunch a few days ago. Here's some of the other stuff they are up to that is relatively new...at least since the last post:

  • pulling up on everything (We had to turn the telephone table which they are under at the end facing the wall b/c Sophie kept pulling out one church directory for herself and one for Mattie to play with!)
  • Sophie is cruising pretty well on the couches
  • Mattie is waving hello and bye bye just a little
  • Sophie is clapping and trying to say "yay" although it usually comes out more like "aayyyyy"
  • Mattie likes to carry things in her mouth so she can crawl more efficiently. She will also occasionally shake toy keys or socks with her head when she has them in her mouth which looks impressively like a great impersonation of a dog...which is only worrisome because she has never really been around dogs:)
  • Both girls are loving walking (closer to stumbling drunkenly with a crazed laugh) when we are holding their hands for support.
  • They both say a lot of "mamamamamas," "dadadadadadas," "papapapaapapapas," "nananananana's" and an occasional "blahblahblahblah," from Mattie
  • They absolutely love riding in the red wagon that was a gift from the youth group.
  • They are eating a pretty good amount of baby food
  • developing pretty good senses of humor (their timing with Peek-a-boo is pretty impressive)

That should catch you up fairly well. Amber and I talk all the time about how incredibly blessed we have been through all of this. It felt like a lot in the middle of the hospital stay and we occasionally still have our worries (like how in the world do we communicate to people that want to touch their hands and faces that we are still very worried about RSV!) but we have realized that comparatively we really didn't have to go through very much. We just heard about a couple the other day whose unborn twins were diagnosed with Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome. They are around 20 weeks or so. Please keep them in your prayers. We never had to deal with that kind of waiting and the choices of treatment when TTTS presents itself that early. In reality, we didn't really have the TTTS full experience, for which I am very grateful. But we experienced enough of it to know that our hearts and prayers are going out to this family and others who have experienced and are experiencing things like this. Enjoy the videos and pray for these families.

We can't wait for summer!


  1. Oh my goodness! Look at them go! I know they are keeping y'all so busy now that they are on the move! Those videos just made my night. They are so precious :).

  2. Loved the video. They are absolutely precious. So glad to see that everyone is doing great. Love, Carol Overton