Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can you notice what is different?



They seem to look more and more alike every day. We don't have any freckles to help us out, but, Grant, you'll be happy to know that Mattie has a double crown (I think like Seth's) and Sophie only has one swirl in the back of her hair. It's just to bad we already tatooed them! ;)
They both did really well in vibrating seats...which is great because they are shaped somewhat like car seats. Both girls have to be able to sit in a car seat for the amount of time it takes us to get to Shelbyville before we can leave.

Both girls are getting all of their feeds from a bottle now. They got their feeding tubes out yesterday morning. So far, they are doing really well. They get pretty tired still, though, so there is a chance that the tubes may have to go back in if they quit eating from fatigue. Sophie has weaned down a little further on Oxygen and we expect Mattie to make that move by tomorrow. If they both do well on the lower level of Oxygen for a couple of days, we'll get moved to the "Tree House" which is the step down unit where they get babies and parents ready for the move home. Hopefully, we will be able to stay in the hospital with the girls at that point and find out what it's like to wake up and change diapers all night long We can't wait...I think. :) Once we get to the Tree House, it should just be a couple of weeks before we can come home so we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Josh and Amber,
    what can I say except that is so awesome!!!! it is so great to see the differance in the girls and how well they are doing. again our God is an awesome God! will be praying you get to move on to the next step the tree house. thank you for sharing your lives with us. ps how is Crimson he and his parents are in our prayers as well. love you guys. the Kieffers

  2. Amber and Josh,
    What a great surprise for us to read and see. We are so happy for you and your girls.
    What a blessing they trully are. May God continue to bless you with their improved health. We hope you all get to go home soon. There is nothing like home, although being able to spend the night with them will be trully amazing.
    The Richards family

  3. I bet you never thought you would be so excited to live in a tree house!!! We are so excited for you and continue to pray! Love you guys...The Greene's

  4. It looks like Sophie is already getting her form perfected for shooting a jump shot!

    Love you! Can't wait to see you 4 really soon!
    Aunt Becca (aka...the favorite aunt)

  5. You all continue to be in our prayers! It is so very neat to be able to click on your blog and literally see the progress your sweet girls are making! It's wnderful!!

    Amanda Smotherman

  6. This is a great report. Congratulations you guys!

    Mary Kate Brown

  7. What great news. They are so precious! Jason and I continue to pray for all of you:)

    Shanna & Jason Boyette

  8. We can't wait to have you and your sweet family back home.
    The Gashaws

  9. Good news!!! I know it won't be long until you have those sweet babies home. Then the fun will begin. You will be making so many memories!!
    Still praying,
    Diann Wilkins

  10. I am so happy for you all. They are so cute. It won't be long now and you will get to do the all night thing at home. I am sure you will welcome that. Love you all. We are still praying for you. Chance and Dylan make sure to put you two and the girls in their prayers when they are praying also.

    Love you,
    The Dertings

  11. So glad that it won't be long until you get to take Sophie and Mattie home. That will be a blessed day. Everytime I would take Daniel out in the car, I would drive so carefully. They are precious babies and have precious parents. Love, Carol Overton

  12. They are so beautiful, and we are so thankful they are doing so well right now. You are all in our prayers. We love you.

    Allen and Karen Walker

  13. AMBER,
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! we pray you have the Best 1ST mother's day possible. love the Kieffer's

  14. Happy Mother's Day Amber!! What a blessing to have your girls doing so well!!! So glad to see how wonderful they are doing! Can't wait to meet these sweet girls!
    Love yall,
    Jennifer Giesemann

  15. I hope Amber had a wonderful first Mother's Day.

  16. Amber and Josh this is great news!! We keep looking for you all to be home for good with those baby girls. Every time we see the car in the driveway we are excited that the girls might be home!! Not that we arent excited for both of you to be there lol! We will continue to pray for all of you and hope to see you all soon!!

    Heather, Miranda, Zach and Eli

  17. What beautiful girls! They will be a blessing in your life and both of you will be a blessing to them. How fortunate they are to have Paul and Mary Lane as grandparents!
    Love to all, Leona Teague

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  19. ok josh i come to work everyday so i can look at the babies pics with your mom, well since it has been awhile since u put up new ones, will you call your dad and tell him im not coming in ?????

    i just cant wait to be able to see mattie and sophie :)