Friday, January 28, 2011

From Christmas to Crawling

Sorry, box pics. I think we're bad parents. We didn't get too many action shots that were good. Here's a decent example of their opening methods though:)
When the girls woke up Christmas morning, apparently they got the memo because they were rarin to go. Now it's a common occurence, but that morning was the first time the girl's were talking to each other through the rails of their beds. That was a great Merry Christmas for us:)
I think Mattie's (above) caption is something like "will you please hurry up!"
Sophie's (below) is probably more like an evil laugh:) (I don't think typing, "hehehehe" quite gets the actual sound across)

As of Christmas, they were both really close to crawling but no gates up yet. We'll try to put some video on tomorrow to show where they are now. Let's just say the gates are up.

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  1. No way Josh. I know you and Amber are great parents. They are so precious. Thanks for the updated pics. Love yall!! Wendy