Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shameless Plug

Our friend Jenna Henderson came over several weeks ago for the girls first real photo shoot. We've never gone through the whole professional pictures at every stage thing. Once again, I'm afraid we're just bad parents. :) Thankfully, Jenna stepped in to save the day for their 9 month pics. She's an incredible photographer. Here are just a few of what she took. I wouldn't have believed they were taken at our house if I didn't see her start there. Check out her website and blog at We'd recommend her for weddings, babies, family portraits and just about everything in between. These aren't even our favorite ones. Amber wants to save those. :)




  1. These pictures are precious and your girls are beautiful!

    Don't worry, our first professional session for the boys was at 9 months, too... And really, I don't even know that we would have gotten our act together to do it then, had it not been that Chris' siblings bought us a package from a photopraher they knew- I think our family was more worried about it than we were! So, I guess we will join your "bad parents" club. I just hope all our kids turn out ok :)...

  2. The girls have gotten so big. They are adorable. I know you and Amber are enjoying Sophie and Mattie. Right now I am having to settle for Daniel and Elaine's dog, Pickle. Love, Carol Overton