Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bath Time

The batteries died before we got good pics of Sophie in her bath, so we only got these first two.
Don't worry. The wires come off before the water comes.
Mattie went first, so she got some glamour shots.
One of the nurses wanted to teach us how to "swaddle bathe" the girls. Here's Mattie enjoying hers. They stay a little warmer this way.
We finally got the results from the 30-day head ultra sound for both girls. Sophie's was absolutely normal. Mattie still had her one spot that had changed like they expected it to, but had not grown any! The Doctor explained a little better what it means exactly and let us know that if this insult causes permanent set backs, it will more than likely be basically a motor problem with her right leg based on where the issue is in her brain. That was a huge relief because we were under the impression that the problems could be that and have impacts on cognitive skills, breathing, swallowing, and a host of other things. We are very excited about the results today. They will continue to monitor Mattie's PVL and she will probably have an MRI before we leave the hospital to get a clearer picture of it. Both girls will start some sort of physical therapy probably next week to help their development. We are excited to get that started and see where they are right now.
One day Mattie will be furious with me for sharing this story...but she's not big enough to put up a fight right now, so...
Amber and I were looking in the glass of the NICU talking to Jennifer Giesseman when Jeff, Sophie's nurse started walking around the room trying to figure something out. Finally, he stuck his head out the door long enough to ask the receptionist to call maintenance because he thought the sewage had backed up in the pipes. Apparently there was a foul smell that filled the entire NICU. I asked where it was coming from and he said he was afraid it was the sink between our girls. I told him to check another sink that I noticed the other day had been clogged a little. He went back in and proceeded to walk all the way around the room sniffing all of the sinks.
We kept talking with Jennifer and noticed the maintenance man go in, talk to Jeff for about 2 minutes and then leave. We said good bye to Jennifer and went in and were immediately aware of the smell. Amber cracked a joke to Jeff asking, "are you sure it's not one of our girls?" to which Jeff replied rather embarrassedly, "well... we weren't sure we should tell you."
Mattie had apparently caused enough of a smell in her enclosed isollette that it never occurred to Jeff to check a baby. It must be backed up sewage. Of course I was impressed with my daughter's ability to clear a room and half-jokingly said I wanted to see the diaper that did that kind of damage. I was quickly told that I couldn't, though, because her nurse felt it was necessary to double bag and get rid of that particular diaper.
It's nice to be famous amongst the nurses...I think.
We continue to get closer to our friends across the room. I wanted to wait to give details about them until I had asked permission and I let them know today that all of you wanted to pray for them by name. Alex and Stacey are our age and their son Crimson was admitted to the NICU about 2 1/2 weeks ago at 28 weeks gestational age. We noticed Alex come in a few weeks ago looking like what I thought I looked like when the girls were first born. I met him briefly but we didn't get to really talk to him until Stacey was in a few days later. By that point she was doing great, so it blew us away when they told us that she had had some pretty serious complication in birth and had almost died. When Alex was in the NICU for the first couple of days, he was worrying about his son and Stacey. I still can't believe how calm he seemed. He's a lot stronger than I am.
Stacey is still doing very well. Crimson is a few days into some steroid treatments to help his lungs and they are already kicking into effect. He is starting to wean down on his O2. Today they saw some cysts on his right lung, though. That is the main thing to pray about for them right now.
They mentioned early on about Crimson having two girlfriends on the other side of the room. God is a big God and Amber and I can't wait to see all three of our children playing together some day in Kentucky and in Shelbyville.


  1. I am so glad that you wrote. I have been checking several times today. it is almost midnight and I decided to check before I go to bed. I am so glad that things seem a lot better, I have been thinking about ya'll. They are such beautiful little girls. They look long in the pictures. Tell Amber that I know she can find some cute clothes at Goodwill (my favorite place to shop). I will keep your friends in prayer also. Love, Carol

  2. Funny story and yep one day Mattie will not want that story getting around :)the girls are getting so big we sure can see a differance in the pictures you post. Praise God for the out come of the test. we will continue to keep that spot in our prayers as well as Crimson and his parents. as always you are all in our prayers have a blessed day. The Kieffer's


  4. I can hardly believe it, one month already! They have improved by leaps and bounds and are such cuties:) Mary-Kathryn is almost 9 months now. You will be amazed at how quickly the days go by. Still remembering you all in thought and prayer. Josh is still doing an amazing job with the blog. Love the stories! God has such a wonderful way of making us laugh, at times just to keep us from crying. Take care of yourself:) Love you lots, Melanie

  5. The Huffs still have all of you in our prayers. Hang in there, and let us know what we can do for you.

  6. Josh and Amber,
    Mutual friends have been sharing your story with us, and this link to your blog! We are Bekah and Chris Gannon, parents to almost 11 week old twin boys, Isaac and Eli, in the Children's hospital NICU! We would absolutely love to meet you guys and hang out sometime soon. I hear we have a lot in common :)! My dad shared your contact info with us a couple of weeks ago, after y'all visited at West End. I just found the parking card with your number on it- we will give y'all a call this week. And, seriously, your girls might be the cutest twin girls I've ever seen- my heart melted when I first saw their pictures! They are truly beautiful blessings from the Lord! I praise God with you for their healing thus far! (Sorry for the longest post ever...) Will be in touch soon!

  7. We are looking forward to your beautiful family returning home. Hope it will be soon.
    The girls look great.
    The Gashaws

  8. Dear Josh and Amber,
    It is sounding better and better! The girls are going to be out of the hospital before you know it.
    I'm so excited about Mattie's report. She will be just fine.
    I'm praying for your friends, also. It's so good that they have you there. I'm sure if they are in a church, you will have them in one in no time.
    I'm counting the days until you bring the girls to Savannah and introduce them to us.
    We had a great Friends and Family Day at church yesterday, just missed you. Next year you will be apart of it.
    Love ya,

  9. hi you 4! we were SO happy to receive the address for your blog from patti g. on saturday. we have LOVED seeing pictures of your precious girls. you guys have amazed us with your faith. we are praying so diligently that God continue to give you 4 the strength you need to make it through each day. again...thank you for allowing yourselves to be such an example of faith. we love you, and we cannot wait to meet mattie and sophie! -the thompsons

  10. Amber and Josh....It's Heather your neighbor! Russ had told me about the babies and about your blog but i havent been able to sit down and find you until today. The girls are beautiful and I am so glad to hear they are improving every day! I just wanted to check in and let you know you are in our payers and if you need anything let us know!! Congrats!!!