Saturday, April 10, 2010


We were really excited and surprised when Mattie's nurse mentioned today that we could hold them together. This is the first time they have been this close to each other since Mattie was hogging all the space and kicking Sophie in the womb. We weren't really sure how they would like getting together again. :) Sophie's nurse put their hands together and they held on for just a second before pushing each other away. That could make for long teenage years! Mattie is on the left and Sophie on the right.

Sophie (Amber, Josh) Mattie
Take a guess. We know. Just wanted to see if you could tell.
(of course we know when we took the picture. not sure we could tell yet if you took the picture)
You should be able to figure this one out if you look close.
Sophie has to have a chest x-ray in the morning just to check. She was breathing a little deep tonight and it's about time to check on her anyway. Other than that they are doing pretty well.
Keep our friends across the room in your prayers. Their son was born about a week and a half ago. We are both learning from each other and trying to encourage each other. They need your prayers right now.


  1. Amber and Josh,
    I love the pictures especially the family picture! Bo, Blake, Annyston, and I are still praying for you and those precious babies. I have your blog posted on my facebook page for all of my friends to be praying for you and your family also. I get several replies and comments about how Sophie and Mattie are doing.
    Shannon Barker

  2. I love the big smile on Amber's face. The girls are so cute. I am sending a card by Natalie. I put my phone number in there and if you need any help in any way, I am free. I like to stay busy so I will do anything you need. Love, Carol

  3. How precious these little girls are and how precious all of you are to our Fairlane family. We miss you.
    Luv you
    Mrs. Betty

  4. Oh my...I just love seeing those girls and you and Ammm-er! Keep the pictures coming as you have time. Your smiles are beautiful and are reflections of the Spirit that lives in you.

    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Nancy

  5. What a precious family! Sophie and Mattie don't know how blessed they are to have two amazing parents. You are in my prayers and on my mind continually. I am sending u an air hug for now, can't wait to give you a real one:) Lots of love, Melanie

  6. Dear Josh and Amber,
    Congratulations on the birth of your little girls! Sophie and Mattie will be in my prayers (along with their mommy and daddy!). God has blessed you immeasurably and He has blessed two little girls equally so with Godly parents. I know you and Amber will spend your lives ensuring the salvation of of your children.

    One thing I am long overdue in saying to you Josh…. At EU I made the comment that you are “so deserving of girls” and as I walked away I realized I had not made my point very well. I apologize for waiting so long (I could say I was busy and crazy and such, but the truth is I forgot about that moment). What I meant WAS that you are so deserving, but the why? I firmly believe that little girls grow the bestest daddies in the world. Girls, in my opinion, push their daddies to be heroes. Girls push their daddies to be the men they want their girls to look for someday as husbands. Girls will spend their whole life loving their daddy. Long after the man of their dreams marries them and carries them away. A daddy has to be prepared, kind, loving, compassionate, and very long suffering to meet the needs of his daughter. YOU are such a man. You simply cannot fathom the change you will find in your life. You do deserve the honor of being Sophie and Mattie’s daddy, and you will grow and become one of God’s greatest servants from much of what they teach you.

    I am not saying little boys do not invoke great love in a father, but there is just something a bit more humbling to me in being a little girls ”daddy”.

    Amber, you have begun one of the most incredible journeys. I know you probably feel it began at conception:) But from birth forward will be memories a moment! Enjoy each one. I know you will be a wonderful mother….how could you not be?

    May God continue to bless you both and your sweet girls!
    In Christian love,

    ps.I did not have your email and do not expect you to post this whole thing:) I just wanted you to know we love you and I was praying for you ALL!!

  7. Beautiful family picture!!
    Love to you all
    Vance and Dianne

  8. What a beautiful family. I know it has to be wonderful holding both of your babies. You are all in our prayers. Love, Wendy

  9. Josh and Amber,
    I haven't been able to see the cite until today, but I have been listening to what others said about them, daily. AND, I have been praying (really hard) daily.
    After working with little ones with the TEIS program, I know you are in good hands at Vanderbilt. They will get everything they need and more. When you come home with them, TEIS will contact you and set up a program for the girls. (If you want this program.) This is a great program and it should help you a lot. They can be there weekly to answer question and help you in many ways.
    Thank you for putting this blogspot up so we can keep informed. This will be the first place I go each morning and a prayer will be said. I know Christa says she checked it each morning, also.
    I hope you and feel all the prayers going up for the girls, you and Amber. Stay strong! God is with you and looking out for the girls!
    Love you,
    Diann Wilkins

  10. I am weak but Thou art strong; Jesus, keep me from all wrong. I'll be satisfied as long As I walk, dear Lord, close to Thee. Just a closer walk with Thee, Grant it, Jesus is my plea. Daily walking close to Thee. Let it be, dear Lord let it be.

  11. The Countess CrewApril 12, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Josh & Amber,
    Love seeing your smiles with your girls! We love you all!

  12. I love the first family picture. The lovely smile of both mom and dad. May God be with all of you and continue to make you and your whole family stronger everday.(Grandparents included) it really hard on them also. I will continue to pray everday for all of ya'll. Lord continue to give them strength. To endure anything.

    In christian love,
    Vanessa Farris