Sunday, April 4, 2010

We skipped Bible Class

As a youth minister, there aren't many times that we skip any services. Even if I had another job, it has been hardwired into my being that even though Christianity is not about punching a time card 4 times a week (Sunday class, worship, Sun. pm, Wed. pm), being there for all the services that your congregation has is just what you do.

This morning we planned to visit with the West End congregation a couple of blocks away. We have visited with the Natchez Trace congregation a few times already, and love the people there and are going there again tonight. After the news about Mattie this week, though, we just kind of wanted to go somewhere that they didn't know who we were so we wouldn't have to answer how the girls were doing.

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is to call the NICU and ask how the night went. Both girls had done well, but Mattie's nurse asked if we were coming in today. Since the last time we had heard that type of question led to a doctor explaining what PVL was, I was a little nervous. I didn't want to tell Amber yet, because I didn't really know anything and didn't know she had over heard that comment anyway.

Needless to say, neither one of us really felt like going to we skipped and went to see the girls. I'm pretty sure the reason Mattie's nurse asked if we were coming in was because she wanted to see Amber's face when she saw Mattie in clothes for the first time! Since she got her PICK line out yesterday, she can start wearing clothes and the nurse had gotten her all dressed up for us. I have to say, I think sometimes God needs to be worshipped outside of Bible class! :) We were that much more excited to go to worship when we left. (Lest I get misinterpretted, I love Bible classes, and can't wait to get back into ours at Fairlane. Today we just had a more important encounter with God)
When we got to the West End congregation, we were blessed to be pointed to the preacher and his wife whose grandsons are also in the NICU. We had already heard about them and were trying to find out how to connect with the parents. It's funny how God introduces you to people you need to know. We did have to answer how the girls were doing (in fact, the preacher called us out from the pulpit!) but it's funny how God puts a different spin on things with something as simple as Mattie's first Easter onesie.
(This shade of pink, we think looks particularly good on Mattie. Sophie ought to be in clothes in a day or two. She already looks so much bigger in the clothes, but they are still pretty tiny. They are gaining weight. Sophie has beefed up to 2lbs 10oz and Mattie is a chunky 2 lbs 15oz.)


  1. Josh & Amber praying for you and Sophie & Mattie daily. Had tears in my eyes when I read this most beautiful Easter story. And yes they are beautiful little girls. Thanks for taking time to keep us updated all the girls at Main Street Family Medicine are always checking the updates.

    Keep the faith,

  2. how precious! what a great gift you where given today Our GOD IS GREAT! glade you had a good Easter after all. :) our prayers are with you the Kieffers

  3. Josh and Amber, What a blessing to see her in clothes, once again something most take for granted but it is such a milestone in a preemies life. Life in the NICU is anything but easy. I think until you are faced with this experience first hand you could never grasp the effect it has on your life. Josh and Amber you don't have to answer if someone asks. It is not rude of you. I did not want visitors, I did not want questions, I only liked a couple of people. I did not want to talk and answer questions about my baby. I did not want people visiting and looking at him like he was a show. It was and is so hard to think about. I had Joel, and you two have one another. You are blessed in that way. Just know that everything you are feeling and thinking is very normal. I will be praying for you daily. This will all soon be memories for you and you will look at your beautiful baby girls at HOME and be so thankful to God that you have them. All of our love and prayers. Hannah Danley and family

  4. Thinking and Praying for you. Love, Carol

  5. So thankful for every small blessing :) The girls are both beautiful. I pray for you all every day!

  6. Just want you to know we love you, Maddie and Sophie! Praying for a good week with blessings upon blessings! Blessings come in funny packages sometimes!

  7. How precious they are. Cherish every moment.
    Thank you for the post and pictures.
    We love yal
    The Gashaws

  8. We are praying so hard for y'all! I know you are scared about Mattie's situation right now, just know that God won't give you more than you can handle. I know we all want our kids to be "normal." That is completely human. We will pray things will work themselves out for her and she will not have to live with a handicap, but know if that's not God;s will, we will be praying for strength for you all to accept it and be strong parents for her (which we know you will with His help.) I love reading updates on the girls, and getting specifics on what to pray for daily.
    I would love an address of where to send y'all some can e-mail me if you want:

    Kyle & Ellen Moses

  9. Tamara Bowman StaffordApril 5, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Josh and Amber,
    Let me start by saying you have two beautiful little girls. I know how heartbreaking and how hard it is to see your little girls so tiny. I know how hard it is to talk to people when most have no idea what you are going through this will be one of the hardest things you will ever go through, but remember to always talk to each other.Amber as a mother of a premie i found myself blaming me for what had happened what could i have done better,but then i realized that Landon just wanted to join the world a little to soon and i took that as a blessing even though it was so hard to him him so small and so sick i was given the the chance to watch him grow so much more.
    I had looked to God more than once to give me the power to get through this and i quickly learned that i had it along i just had to find it.
    Amber and Josh remember that little girls are strong and we are fighters and it is a known fact that little girls do so much better than boys as premies i will wish you all the best and if you need anything or just someone to talk to please let me know. you can e-mail me at
    Your Cousin Tamara

  10. Josh and Amber,
    Hi guys! This is my first trip into "blogging" land and the reason simply is to share with you that Cindy and I pray for you and your family daily. I read this latest entry and it makes me want to leave school, find Emma and Addison and squeeze them both! Your strength, faith and outlooks are amazing and we both want you to keep trusting that the Lord has you in the palm of his hand!
    God Bless!
    Charlie Pope

  11. Hi Josh,
    My parents gave me your blog address and I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and your family! Your girls are beautiful and I hope you will get to bring them home soon!
    Katie (Bloomingburg) Isenberg