Friday, April 23, 2010

He's coming out!

Sophie and Mattie's friend Crimson got to come out and be held by his mom for the first time today! She was just a little excited to say the least. He has been able to get rid of at least a machine or two and continues to improve.
We are waiting to hear if Sophie will need another transfusion or not. Her blood count was a little lower than it needs to be at the last check and they will check it again on Monday. It shouldn't be too big of a deal and they were pretty sure that she was working hard to correct the problem herself. Last night Mattie weighed in at 4lbs 10oz (I think. We're hearing different things right now!) and Sophie is 4lbs 4oz. Both of their beds have been turned to fan mode which means that they are gradually turning the temperature down to get them used to room temp. They will be able to bottle feed as soon as they get weaned off of O2 so pray that they will be able to quit dropping their numbers. (how much O2 is in the blood stream and their heart rates). They tend to "spell" a little especially when they are being fed.

Both of their outfits were gifts that they won't be able to wear for very long. Ya'll sure are keeping our girls in style! Mattie is the last picture with the "Daddy loves me" shirt actually on. The rest are of Sophie this time.


  1. Praise God for Crimson's advances in health! You guys are so sweet to keep their family's information on your blog so that their list of prayer warriors increases! I love all of the pictures of the girls. They are really just so adorable! Take care!

  2. Beautiful! They are GORGEOUS!! We love you, The Greenes

  3. Thank you so much for your updates, pictures, and the devotional thought on prayer. Each picture seems to be an obvious answer to the many prayers going up on behalf of these girls. We are thankful that Crimson is better, too. We will continue to pray.
    The McKnights

  4. We continue to pray and follow your blogs. We looked back at the first pictures and what a blessing to watch Mattie and Sophie grow. God is Good!

    The Rains Family

  5. It was good to see both of you Wed. night.
    We can't wait till the girls come home with you. Take care.
    The Gashaws