Monday, March 22, 2010

A great day

Sophie scratching Am's finger

Amber and Sophie
Mattie finally calmed down when Amber held her

Sophie slept most of the day after a long day Saturday.
Mattie spent most of the day being a diva- kicking and silently screaming at everyone.

Both girls did great all day yesterday and last night. We got to spend a lot of good time with them last night without too many other people around. We needed that. Being with them and being able to "hold" them a little gave both of us more confidence and peace.


  1. Ya'll have two beautiful little girls! We'll be praying for them as they continue to grow!

  2. Absolutely precious! We love them both so much already! Praying for ALL of you non-stop! We love you bunches and bunches!

    Uncle Jd, Aunt Amy, Abigail & Lane (he kicked):-)

  3. awwww so CUTE can not wait to see them!!!! hope yall are doin good :)

  4. I luv the new pictures and i am so excited!!!
    I can't wait until i can see and hold them. I am keeping you in my prayers:)
    lots of luv from g-man

  5. That is so cute. We are praying for you both and the girls. Love you bunches, Little Seth

  6. Dennis Simmons saidMarch 22, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    Congratulations, they are beautiful. Praise God for those sweet girls. I feel like I know them already.

  7. Hey Amber & Josh I have been wating to tell you. When our twin g-sons were going through this for months they got approval to place a tape player w/a special acappella tape in each of the twins beds. When the parents could not be there to talk with the boys, the nurses would turn the players on for them to hear the music. This worked wonders as you can not be there every minute and yet you want the children to know that someone is caring for them. Human touch/talk helps in their improvement. Thee were in TX Childrens Hosp. for babies such as this.
    BJ and Sharon