Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prettier every day

Mattie and Sophie both like to sleep on their bellies. They breath easier and generally stay happier....Their mother is looking forward to when she can start sleeping on her belly as well.

Both girls are looking less and less like a bald man...which makes me very proud:)

Jenna Henderson mentioned that we needed to have a picture showing how big they are in perspective. This is Sophie last night when we were putting her up. Those are my hands. Mattie is almost exactly the same size right now. As you can see, their bodies are about the length of my hand, forearms are about the width of my finger.

Little miss Sophia had to be edited to keep the picture PG. I'm pretty sure this picture will keep her from being allowed to get her license until she's 20. I would hate to turn her loose with road rage.

But she's still daddy's girl.


  1. So perfect. Carol

  2. they r beautiful......i cant wait to see them

  3. Josh put your wedding band on their arms. That helps put into perspective how small they are. Your posts bring so many memories back for us. From breathing better on their bellies to looking like a bald old man. The nurses would say if you want to see how Clayton will look when he is 80 take a good look now. As always my thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Hannah Danley

  4. J&A, Our prayers are w/you. We went through this same thing at TX Childrens Hosp w/our twin g-sons in 93. Your pics are so familiar and bring back lots of concern and thoughts. We know about all the ups/downs and changes that can take place. Just remember, God is in control and the four of you are the passengers. He will provide. Did you get my FB about the tape recorder and bsby acappella music. The unit allowed our kids to put a tape player in each bed of the twins. When the parents were not there, the nurses would turn the music on. It was as important for the vocies to be heard as the skin to skin contract. Love you all and our prayers are w/ you. BJ and Sharon

  5. Josh and Amber, it was great getting to meet you both. the girls continue to be so precious. we are praying that the next check will show God in his great works and the reports will be outstanding. please try and rest it is important to take care of yourselves so that you can take care of them. if you need anything at all please don't hesitate to ask. In Christian Love Chris and Penny Kieffer