Monday, March 15, 2010

"Oh no! Their babies got switched!"

The doctor called today around 12 to see if we could come in at 3 instead of waiting until tomorrow for scheduling purposes. we went to Nashville again. For those of you who have normal pregnancies, I have to say, I actually feel a little sorry for you. From what I hear, you usually only get one or two ultrasounds. We've been blessed to see our babies almost every day this week and at least once a month before that. Once again, the session took a good long time because neither of my daughters seem to want to be in a position that would help anyone.

We had a new ultra sound technician who had just been filled in a little on the circumstance, but hadn't been involved yet. She did the exam and talked to us most of the way through about how much trouble we were going to have with our daughters once they were here. (I've already threatened both of them with spankings as soon as they come out if they don't start cooperating better!) When she was finally done, she took the results to the doctor. When the doctor came in, for the first time since we met her, she was in a full smile. Her comment to the technician was something to the effect of, "Are you sure this is the same patient?"

God is incredible! Not only had things not gotten worse, which is really what you hope for with TTT- a prolonging of the pregnancy until it gets bad enough they need to come out- they had improved so much that it looks like there was nothing ever wrong in the first place. Both fluid levels are very normal. Both girls are getting the proper amount of blood. Both girls are the exact same normal size and weight!

Amber told Natalie Thomas about the exam and the doctor's comment about them looking like completely different babies and Natalie passed the word on to Joseph. Joseph, I imagine, rather sincerely then exclaimed, "Oh no, their babies got switched!"

I believe very strongly in the power of God. I don't have it worked out in my mind yet how God answers prayers exactly, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that prayers for our peace throughout this week were answered. The phrase "peace that passes understanding" comes to mind. Our babies weren't switched for healthy ones, they were saved for a life in God because of prayers.

We will continue to go twice a week to keep a close watch on the situation and when the time is right, Amber and I will welcome two beautiful girls into God's world. I've been told that I'll never get another good night's sleep for the rest of my life. That's ok. I know there could be another scary time before the girls are here and I know there will be plenty of scary times as they grow. But I also know God is powerful enough and loving enough to die for my daughters, so I know He will do what's best for them today and for the rest of their lives as well.


  1. Praise God! We will keep praying.

    Patti Foster

  2. This is wonderful!God is so good!

  3. What wonderful news! I'm sure many of us have been praying for peace for you both, the peace that passes all understanding. It is scarey being new parents and facing the circumstances you have faced but praise God, He is always near.
    Can't wait to meet your new little ones.
    With love and prayers
    Betty Bennett

  4. Yay! Isn't God good? We'll keep praying. Love you guys!
    :) Charla Cook

  5. What an answer to prayers! I am so happy that things looked so good today. I will keep praying that things will continue to stay that way! Prayer is a powerful thing!

  6. Wow! God is amazing! That is SO WONDERFUL! I was smiling as I read it.
    -Rachel Brown (a friend of Lyndi's)

  7. Mary Ellen KoonceMarch 16, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    God is wonderful!
    This is something you will never forget.
    We love all four of you so much!

  8. Josh and Amber, your faith in such uncertain times humbles me to the point of repentance. I'm reminded of Mark 9:24. Thank you for not only talking the talk.

  9. As a mother of two daughters (of course born at different times) you have made me cry! thanks Josh! I am proud for ya'll. You guys are going to be GREAT parents!!! We love you and will continue to pray. Amy Greene

  10. Vance and Dianne ClayMarch 16, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    God is good and answers prayers. What a wonderful miracle.
    Love to you all

    Vance and Dianne

  11. God is good! So happy about the good report you guys received! I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers! God bless! ~Chrystina Walp

  12. I am truly glad that God has answered all the prayers offered on your family's behalf.
    With Him by our side nothing can be against us or separate us from Him. Continue to be the true Man and Woman of God that you are. May all your days be blessed from above. May your family hold true to Joshua's proclamation-AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!
    BW Stokes

  13. hey guys!! i always kne yall would get double trouble for not havin kids wen yall lived here!! lol i was in nashville all day for my doctor an wen i got home i heard yall were fixin to deliver :( i miss you both an im praying hard for the girls an amber!!

  14. Praise God for better then expected. we are continuing to pray for Maddie and Sophie that they will continue to grow better then expected. Our God is awesome we need only look at the little things to have to see just how awesome. we welcome Maddie and Sophie into this world your faith in God is a true testamony to us all your in our thoughts and prayers.