Friday, March 19, 2010

"Ready or not, here we come!"

Boy what a difference a couple of days can make! I'm proud to announce that I'm a daddy and Amber's a mommy. So far both girls are doing well. Sophie was born at 11:26 pm March 18 and Mattie was born at 11:28. If you read the last blog, then you're probably wondering what happened between Monday when everything was perfect and yesterday when they decided they needed to take the babies out. The short answer is that nobody is entirely sure.

Monday when we went to the doctor we took a bag just in case. Thursday we were so confident in Monday's visit that we didn't even bother. Oops. It was a long visit, but we were on our way out the door when Amber mentioned a pain in her leg. The Doctor dismissed it initially, but wanted to go ahead and get her blood pressure again. We stayed for another 30-45 minutes while they were looking at Amber's blood pressure and just before they sent us out, the doctor decided she wanted to have one last look at Sophie...just in case.

As it turned out, Sophie's chord had some reverse flow in it. She calmly explained that we would need to go back to Vandy and monitor the babies some more and possibly deliver that night unless the monitoring looked good. We delivered. :) When Sophie was born, the nurses said she had hardly any blood in her chord. I'm incredibly thankful that Amber mentioned her legs hurting. It was completely unrelated to Sophie's problem, but it held us there long enough for Dr. Garrison to get worried about what she was looking at. She told us later that once reverse blood flow presents itself, there's really only a 24-48 hour window before serious damage is done. God is good.

Amber was incredibly brave...through several blown IV attempts and two spinals. She never really flinched. I've never been prouder of her. Sophie came out without a sound but thankfully, the anesthesiologist was quick to let us know that was normal for 29 week babies. We listened with our breath held until the nurses made her mad enough sticking the breathing stuff down her throat that she made a tiny little cry. The color of her skin looked just like ours.

Then they announced Mattie was here...and no sound. She was as red as a beet. That worried me because I knew how normal Sophie looked. Of course, when I asked how long Mattie would stay red, I found out how ignorant I am.... Newborn babies are supposed to be red...Sophie was the wrong color.

Sophie's red blood cell count is a little low, so she is getting blood transfusions every once in a while. Mattie is still as red as can be. They are both beautiful. Sophie weighs in at 2 lbs 5 oz and Mattie at 2 lbs 9 oz. They both have more tubes and IVs coming out of them than I care to count.

I can't wait to hold them. We're hoping that will happen in a week or two. Right now, both girls are learning to breath on their own. The last time I checked they had been weaned down to %30 on the intubation. (I have no idea if I'm saying that right or explaining it right. When they get to %0 they'll be breathing on their own.)

We are thinking about staying at the Ronald McDonald house at least a little. We're not sure when Amber will get discharged yet. I'm so proud of all of my girls, and I'm so thankful that God knows them infinitely better and loves them infinitely more than I can. I was excited about them coming but found out last night that I was not quite ready. It was time for them to come whether I was ready or not. I'm doing my best to rest in the fact that God is never caught off guard.


  1. Congratulations Josh and Amber! They are both beautiful!!! I have checked this thing so many times today to see if you had updated! :) We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers!!! Tell Amber we are so proud of her too! Love you all! :)

    Andrea K. Love

  2. O my goodness how precious, and God Is so good!!! I've been looking at your blog and as I'm reading of your twins' births I hold my breath as it makes the memories of our twins' births come flooding back! I can hardly read without tears. I've been thinking and praying for you all daily as we experienced 1st hand what you and Amber have, minus the procedure for the twin-to-twin transfusion and extra early birth. I knew when Natalie Morris called me the day ya'll went in for the procedure that all would be fine. We were in Vanderbilt that day for a dr visit but got out too late to come by. I don't drive well in the dark. I wanted to see ya'll so badly but was a little under the weather as well-didn't want to risk sickness to ya'll. Our doctor along with his former partner, who is my cousin-n-law, pioneered the transfusion procedure. I remember resting in that, thinking God led us to the right place and was gonna guide his hands as he did with ya'll's.
    I knew God was with us when the doc told us on a Friday that if Chloe lost anymore fluid, we would have the transfusion surgery on that Monday, but when we walked in that Monday Chloe had not lost but gained 1/2 an ounce!! So we were spared until 32 wks!! Chloe weighed 2 pounds so I can just almost feel your twinkies in my hands now! Chloe's legs were as round as my index finger!! Chloe and Caroline use their neonatal preemie sleepers as doll clothes now- bet yours will too. They still sleep with their lovies that the Sr. citizen ladies group there, made to cover their heads for warmth. The neonatal unit brings such a bond between all the parents there. You quickly realize just how blessed you really are. The only good part of it all was that we did get to see our babies, as ya'll did, every other day from 12 weeks until their birth. I loved that part of your blog!I'm so happy for you all and will continue to pray daily for those precious little angels and you and Amber as well. There is no better place to be where you all are now and I know God has brought you this far and he will continue to watch over those sweet babies, and you will blink and they will be crossing the street every morning going to Kindergarten like mine. Please wish Amber well for me and please call if need me. Love you all, Wendi Nix

  3. Your little girls are beautiful. These pictures remind me of Bethany's first days and weeks. She was a 2+ pounder too. Some ups and downs for a while, but look at her now! God knit these girls together and he does all things well.
    Give precious Amber a hug from the Koonces. It's got to be hard right now not being able to hold her babies. Some things just can't be rushed. Y'all hang in there and know we're praying for you all.
    Ronald McDonald house is a great place to stay and it's close. Hope that works out for you.
    Congratulations Dad and Mom!!!
    Love you all...
    Mary Ellen K

  4. Congratulations to a terrific, brave young couple who will be wonderful, godly, & loving parents to your two beautiful daughters! Our prayers have included you for several months and especially during these last few weeks. Our gracious God has been caring for all of you in many ways, through many persons, and through thousands of prayers from congregations everywhere!
    Much Love, Columbia friends

  5. It's times like these we are strongly reminded just how awesome our God is. non believers might have chalked up the leg pain and the events there after to luck but we know better, God is always working in our lifes. Congratulations and our prayers are with you.

  6. Congratulations! We will continue our prayers for you precious family!! Much love, Mark, Rosemary, and family!

  7. Josh and Amber,

    Those girls are beautiful. I am so amazed by the faith you have!!! I know God deserves all the credit, but I do feel like in my heart that you are faithful children to him. We have all been praying for your family at your Dad's clinic and you've been on every churches prayer list from Henderson, Tn to Pigeon Forge, Tn. Just want you to know we will continue to pray for your girls(all three) and you. I think you are their rock to lean on right now and if you will keep leaning on God, I know this will all work out for good of those who love him. Amanda McDaniel, your Dad's nurse

  8. So thankful for those little girls! They are so blessed to have a wonderful Mommy and Daddy to love them and take care of them. We are praying daily for all of you. Ethan said to tell you Congratulations and he can't wait to see Sophie and Mattie when he comes home. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. love their bows in that pretty hair. love you all, Denise and Buddy

  9. What an emotional rollercoaster you all have been on the last few weeks! I didn't even know you were expecting until a few days ago! I'm so thankful that the girls are here safely, and I will continue to pray for continued strength and improvement, especially for Miss Sophie. Also, for you and Amber. These will be some trying times for you two. Lean on each other, and ask for help when you need it. Wish I lived closer to come help! Josh, you will be an AMAZING Daddy. I don't really know Amber, but she is already amazing in my eyes to go though this! Hang in there! And to try and get some will definitely help makes things easier.

    Ellen Moses

  10. Sophie and Maddie are perfect!
    Psalm 139:13-14
    For You formed my inward parts: You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Marvelous are Your works. And THAT my soul knows very well.
    Give Amber a big hug for us and we want you both to know how very proud we are of you. We pray for you every day, all day, and we pray for peace and continued strength for your precious girls. We love you! Geoff and Patti