Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kangaroo Care

As you can see, Amber and I have been a little too busy to update the blog for the last two days! Thursday night when Amber and I went in for a visit, the nurses said we could hold them for a while if we wanted. I would say that we hesitated and weren't sure if we wanted to or not, but I'm afraid my sarcasm wouldn't translate very well through the written word! We could only hold them for about ten minutes because they still can't hold their body temperature very well outside the isolette. Amber was given a squalling Sophie and I got a very content Mattie. (That seems to be the trend so far. I think I have a knack for picking the calm baby, which I'm sure will serve me well in the future).

We also found out Thursday that we had a room at the Natchez Trace Church of Christ hospitality house which is about a mile from the hospital. So... we headed to Shelbyville Thursday night to get organized and make sure the house was taken care of with goofy smiles on our faces from getting the hold the girls. I promise I tried to update that night, but we both started nodding off while we were scrolling through the pictures to see which ones we wanted to post!

Last night while each of us were talking to a girl, I asked as casually as I possibly could when we would get to start holding the girls on a regular basis. (I thought it was a pretty subtle hint). The nurse started talking about "Kangaroo Care" which is skin to skin contact with the babies. There has been a lot of study that just being held skin to skin is very good for babies and especially preemies. Of course we were interested, but then there is the issue of taking your shirt off in a room of a couple nurses. Awkward. You don't get to see those pics. :)

We got screened off and put on the robes backwards and then got to hold the girls again for longer because our body heat helps them maintain theirs. We got to hold them again today for about 35 minutes and are heading back after shift change to put them to sleep and satisfy our least for now.

Both girls are getting 2 ml of milk through feeding tubes now. They are still doing well off the tubes and are having very calm good days. Mattie especially seems to be much calmer now that the tube is out of her mouth. I think once the feeding tube is out, she'll never cry again. (you don't have to correct me on that. My answer to everything is that, "they're twins. They'll entertain each other." and I'm not letting that thought go!)


  1. Praise God from whom all Blessing Flow. thank you so much for your new post I am about in tears as I read I am so happy that the girls are doing so welland that you and Amber are getting to hold them I know that helps you as much as them in this whole process. our prayers are with you hourly God bless the Kieffers

  2. Your family has been in my prayers! I love the pictures of you holding them. The blogs have brought tears and joy. Know that the love you now feel for your babies--your parents feel for you.
    Delores Lee


  4. What a wonderful feeling to hold your babies for the first time. I am so happy for you two. You look so happy holding them. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Loved the pictures. Josh, you looked like you were about to cry. I couldn't tell much about Amber since she had the mask on. I am so glad that you are getting to hold them. Love, John and Carol

  6. Josh & Amber you and the girls are beautiful. Prayers go out daily for all of you, and sometimes extras when Dr,Schwartz gives me a quick break. Enjoy every moment with them and keep writing so I get my daily Love Mark & Starla Peddy (Henderson,TN work with your dad Josh)

  7. Kangaroo Care!!!! My absolute favorite thing to do with Clayton when he was in the NICU! I am so happy for you two. It does your heart so good to finally get to hold your baby. That is something most new parents take for granted, having to wait is and was so hard but you will remember these moments forever. The little boy I would Kangaroo with is now a very healthy and happy 4 year old. All of our love. Are they on the canula already? Hannah Danley

  8. Your girls are looking great. Happy, happy to see this good progress. Smiling with you!
    Love you all,
    Mary Ellen K

  9. This post made me smile. Doesn't it feel so great to hold your babies?!?!
    It is so good to see such progress!!!
    With much love and prayers,
    Shannon B

  10. I am praying for your sweet baby girls everyday!

  11. The girls are beautiful.
    We have been praying for your family.
    Good to read the post and see the pictures.
    Thank you for taking the time to keep us going.
    It is much appreciated.
    We love yal
    The Gashaws

  12. I'm so excited that you are able to hold Sophie & Mattie. Oh, Josh, by the way, that gown really looks good on you!

  13. Love you bunches! You're in our prayers. Glad you are getting to hold Mattie & Sophie!...they are so CUTE! Can't wait to babysit :) Luv, Marissa

  14. Sophie & Mattie are so cute! That gown looks pretty good there Josh. I think about ya'll every day! You are always in our prayers. Love you so much. Love, Seth

  15. You crack me up. I just about can't wait for your sleepless nights of crying!!! LOL just kidding. I'm sure sweet Sophie and Mattie will be perfect angles and if you ever need a crying fix I will be sure to send Clayton over during one of his fits! LOL
    I'm so glad they are doing well and that you guys are getting to hold them. I love the skin on skin contact. Clayton use to love that right after he was born. It always calmed him... Now it takes getting his way to calm him! LOL
    You all have two very beautiful blessings from God. Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog and please yell if you need anything at all.
    We love you ALL,